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Wessex Regional Care Limited
Domiciliary Care Service

Wessex Regional Care Limited offers a bespoke support service, which is tailored to meet the exact needs of the individual, and delivered using a person-centred approach.

The main ethos of our Domiciliary Care Service is to assist people to live in their own homes, and take an active role within their local communities, broadening their horizons, and supporting them to experience all that their local environment has to offer, whilst developing the skills that they will require to continue to increase their independence.

Wessex Regional Care Ltd has many years' experience in Domiciliary support, and can tailor a package to suit any requirements that the service user may have. We currently have many different service models in operation including individual supported living with a 24 hour staff presence, supported living setting with multiple service users in a shared environment with 24 hour staff presence, independent living with allocated 1:1 support times, independent living settings with 24 hour staff in close proximity running a "core" service and delivering 1:1 support to address any identified needs during allocated support times, as well as a floating support service.

Wessex Regional Care Ltd are able to provide support and help to enable somebody to continue living in their own home as independently as possible, provide help, support and advice in accessing suitable accommodation, develop promote and support people to develop their independent living skills, support people to promote and maintain a safe home environment, and can facilitate people "moving on" from their current living environment to one more suited to their future aspirations, e.g. from home to supported living, from residential care to supported living, or just from one accommodation to another.
All referrals are followed up with a thorough individual needs assessment, where the needs of the service user are identified, and relevant support plans are implemented, ensuring that the service user receives reliable support, to the highest standards, as they deserve. All support packages are continuously reviewed to ensure that the service user's needs continue to be met as they adapt and develop new skills towards independence.

Wessex Regional Care Limited operates a Domiciliary Care Service registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is the independent regulatory body for all health and social care in England.

Our compliance reviews can be viewed by clicking here.

WRCL can provide highly trained and diligent staff for any form of support requirements.

WRCL can tailor a support package to meet the individual needs of any person.

WRCL will complete a thorough and comprehensive assessment to ensure that any individual receives the support they need.

WRCL will continually review support plans to ensure the ever developing skills of the individual are taken into account, and their goals are realistic and achievable.
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