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Wessex Regional Care Limited
Housing Related Support

Wessex Regional Care works in partnership with Wessmaps Housing Trust to assist with housing management. WHT has a very diverse knowledge base and skill set that can assist in a wide range of requests, which includes finding suitable accommodation, negotiating terms with the landlord, and support in understanding and signing a tenancy agreement. WHT works closely with the support services of WRCL on joint packages, and also operates independently or in conjunction with other care providers.

Once a tenancy has been taken up, the following support is available:

Making sure tenants are given the best possible service is at the heart of what Wessex Regional Care and Wessmaps Housing Trust do.

We provide clients with information and advice, and support the spread of good practice, on a range of housing management issues.

Key housing management issues:
Anti-social behaviour
Service delivery and accountability
Tenant involvement
Lettings, mobility and homelessness
Other tenancy issues.

For further information about Wessmaps Housing Trust please contact Jane Lockey on
023 8184 4331 or via email, here.
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HOME          SERVICES          DOMICILIARY CARE          TRAINING          EMPLOYMENT          HOUSING SUPPORT          CONTACT         LINKS
Setting up arrangements for paying utility bills.
Resettlement activities, support in accessing furniture, and food vouchers.
Assistance with relevant benefit claims.
Support in registering with GP practice
Advice on budgeting, and arrears management.
Support with resolving tenancy related disputes.
Guidance for Training, Employment and Education.
Support in reporting repairs to conclusion.
Liaising with other agencies on behalf of the service user
Responding to complaints and tackling anti-social behaviour.
Tel:  023 8040 7048